Get Your Ex Back Programs Review – Proven Programs That Work

Have you lost the love of your life and you want them back badly? Relax for we have the best reviewed “how to get your ex programs” below. There are numerous programs out there that promise to bring the ex back almost instantly which do not work. We have been researching on these programs through reading online reviews on famous relationship sites and interacting with users of these programs for over 2 years. We narrowed down to 3 highly successive programs that have received a lot of praise and we are happy to list them here for you. These programs have a 95% success rate. The other 5%  is for unsalvageable breakups. The programs that we have listed here can help you determine whether your situation is salvageable. Below are the 3 most talked about, the most successful programs in reuniting people after breakups.

Top Rated Get Your Ex Back Programs

RankCourseCourse TypeRatingDetails


Text Your Ex Back

Ebook, Audio,Video (4.9 / 5)See Website


The Ex Factor

Ebook, Audio,Video (4.8 / 5)See Website


The Magic Of Making Up

Ebook (4.7 / 5)See Website

Have you ever used the programs listed here? We gladly welcome your review and comment. Your review will help us rate a program according to its merit and in turn help others who were in the same situation. If any of the program that we have listed here did not help you, do not hesitate to let us know so that we can remove it.

Also before you even think of trying to win your ex back, evaluate the cause of separation. What mistakes did you do? Or if it is your partner who did them, are you willing to forgive. If you can answer the questions then you can look for a program that works.

Why Are Above Get Your Ex Back Programs Rated the Best?

Let’s look into details of why each program has earned high points in bringing separated couples together.

Text Your Ex Back

Text Your Ex BackText Your Ex Back is a program that has received a lot of praise around the internet. It has received positive reviews on relationship sites and continues to be the top program for restoring lost love. We have placed this program among the top due to these growing positive reviews. We have also looked at reviews on our site and graded this program according to people’s feedback, money back guarantee and many other aspects regarding relationships.

What’s Make Text Your Ex Back Unique in Bringing Your Ex Back?

Text Your Ex Back as the name suggests is a system built around text messages for getting your ex back. This system was created by Michael Fiore a renowned relationship expert. In this system, Michael coaches people the fantastic psychological tricks to have your ex come back to you and start seeing you in a different, nicer perspective. He does it through easy to follow videos and a PDF ebook. After joining this system, you will learn and figure out why your relationship failed in the first place and the remedy to have it all fired up again. Not only will you learn how to get your ex back, you will also learn what you need to know to stay together. As this system is built around text messages, you will learn how to craft messages that your ex can’t ignore and proper order of sending those text messages.

What Does the Course Entails?

Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program is divided in to 11 modules in form of audio, video and text. It is up to you, whichever mode you prefer. We will briefly look at what is included in each module:

Module 1 – This is the introduction of the course and the highlights.

Module 2 – The Dumper and the Dumped. This is the basis of getting back together. You will discover the reason your ex walked out. By knowing this, you will be able to craft text messages which you will know later how to craft them.

Module 3 – The Big Goal. This module will help you answer why you really need that person you want in your life. Knowing this reason will help you craft the best text message for getting the back.

Module 4 – Flight Check. Are you ready mentally to start texting your ex? This module ensures that you are ready to start applying the concept of texting your ex in to action. It ensures your mental stability such that you do not send the wrong text message.

Action Plan Modules

Module 5 – Text Judo. Here Mike breaks down the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. From the first text to the time you fully start communicating again.

Module 6 – Across the Bow. Action starts here You will start developing your plan of attack in this module.

Module 7 – Prepping the Soil. In this module you will learn how to cleverly and indirectly establish emotional connection with your ex.

Module 8 – The Green-Eyed Monster. You will learn to reignite the spark by being sexually attractive. Jealously plays a big role here.

Module 9 – Planting the seeds. Showing your ex how concerned you are with them and hence establishing emotional connection.

Module 10 – Reaping the Harvest. At this point your ex should be in your arms or close. Emotional honesty, Attraction texts and virtue to physical are discussed here.

Module 11 – Texting Steady. By now you should be having your ex back. All the lost love is back. This module discusses what you need to do to keep the fire burning.

Other Things to Learn

You will learn a lot more in Text Your Ex program such as the 30 day no contract rule. This is to give you time to compose yourself and do things hurriedly and emotionally at the same time screwing things up. It is a hard to follow rule but it helps a lot with the overall master plan. They once said no pain no gain.

You will also learn the specific dos and the don’ts. You will learn when not to text and how to keep yor relationship strong.

You are not alone. There is a forum where members can contribute and share their successes. You will also get support from Michael and other users in the forum.

Is there any Guarantee in Getting my Ex Back?

Love is a delicate issue and every case is different. Text Your Ex back has brought 1000s of people back together with their ex’s. Michael assures people that in case the program does not work out for you, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. Nobody loses.

The Ex Factor

The Ex FactorThe Ex Factor by Brad Browning is another program that is very successive in bringing your ex back. It is featured in this site because of the positive reviews it has received around the net. There is a high success rate from people who have used Brads system. Also read reviews on our site to see what others are saying about this system.

Brad Browning  is a relationship expert with over 10 years’ experience in relationship matters and has helped 1000s rekindle their lost love.

It is not easy to separate with your most loved one but when they happen, they give someone a chance to evaluate themselves and gear up for not repeating the same mistakes that made the breakup happen in the first place. Brad Browning will help you recognize the reason behind your breakup and how to fix it.

What Does the Ex Factor Cover?

The Ex Factor is made up of a collection of different materials plus other bonuses that will help in bringing your ex back to you. It features a 220-page PDF ebook that is easy to follow and explain everything from your breakup up to the time your love is in your arms again.

Also included in the system is a 3-hour video program for those who like seeing things explained to them.

Also, there is a 5-hour audio program for those who prefer listening. Combination of all these modes of relaying the same information have made this program very popular and can suit anybody of any level.

There are also 2 bonuses that are included in form of PDF ebook. The first bonus is – Increase Sex Appeal. Here you will learn to remain attractive to your love all the time. The 2nd bonus is – Text the Love Back. This book talks about how to use text messages creatively to bring your ex back.

What Topics are Included in The Ex Factor?

The Ex Factor is divided into 13 chapters and we will briefly highlight them here. There are 2 versions, one for men and one for women.

Chapter 1 – Introduction. He briefly discusses the whole book as well as highlight areas that need attention

Chapter 2 – Attractive Characteristics. What you need to know to be an attractive person. It does not matter which gender you are. Attractiveness is a must to anyone in a relationship.

Chapter 3 – Unattractive Characteristics. This chapter discusses unattractive characteristics for men or women depending on your version that make a relationship crumble.

Chapter 4 – Panic and Acceptance. You will learn to accept the reality of breakup. Unless you accept that it happened, you are not going to end it.

Chapter 5 – Start With ‘No Contact’ –  This chapter discusses the importance of no contact for the initial 31 days after breakup. Your partner will wonder why you suddenly stopped communicating. You will not look desperate in wanting your ex back.

Chapter 6 – Start Dating Again. As horrible as it sounds, it is one of the most successive tricks around. Your ex is most likely to come back after realizing that you moved on.

Action Plan

Chapter 7 – The exact things that you need to do when your ex starts communicating with you.

Chapter 8 – What if your ex does not call you back? What should you do? The answer to this question is discussed in this chapter in length.

Chapter 9 – The “Date”. This chapter will teach the dos and the don’ts and a plan of meeting your ex for the first time after separation. It will show you what to do to have a memorable first date after you broke up.

Chapter 10 – Seduce Your Partner All Over Again. This section is after a successful date and what it takes to keep the fire burning again.

Chapter 11 – Sex. It is important in any relationship and this chapter discusses how and when to have sex to spice up your relationship life.

Chapter 12 – Preventing Breakup. This is where the author brings to attention what to know from your relationship that caused the breakup and how to avoid it. Also, there are general things that facilitate breakups that are highlighted.

Chapter 13 – Desperation tactics. Tactics employed to make your ex come to your slowly.

The Course Highlight

It is a lengthy course and some people find this course manipulative. There is a high success rate for people who have used it.

Is There Any Guarantee?

You cannot guarantee love but based on the Ex Factor guide success rate, you will succeed. However, all relationships are different and yours might not succeed after using this course. Brad Browning has agreed to offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you feel that the course did not work out for you.

The Magic of Making Up

The Magic of Making UPThe Magic of Making Up by TW Jackson is another program that has garnered praise over the years. With 1000s of positive reviews online, this program has made it our top highly rated “get your ex back” programs. Featured on many relationship sites, this program has been proven to be one of the best.

Who is TW Jackson?

TW Jackson is a US Navy veteran who never attended any psychology classes but gained his relationship expertise from life experiences. He served the Navy for 17 years and during this time he was posted in different places around the world. During this time, he interacted with people from all walks of lives gaining experience in dealing with people.

Also, in his earlier life, his parents were posted in different parts of the country hence Jackson moved from school to school. This gave him vast experience in dealing with people especially relationships. Jackson has helped over 50,000 people from 77 countries in relationship matters.

What is Included in The Magic of Making Up?

The Magic of Making Up is an ebook that is meticulously crafted to bring back the love of your life. Be it your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or whoever, this book will guide you on how to bring them back. It has been around for over 10 years. It is divided in 8 well explained chapters which will be briefly discussed below.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 – Why Your Relationship Ended. The first chapter discusses how to figure out why our relationship ended and from there, you can start planning on restoring it through tactics shown in this ebook. By understanding these reasons, you will also realize that the relationship may not be over yet.

Chapter 2 – The Key to Winning Their Love. Much discussed here is the pain and anxiety you might be having in getting your ex back. Pain and anxiety are not good for relationships and you must find ways of dealing with them. You will learn how to eliminate the breakup pain and anxiety in this chapter.

Chapter 3 – Removing the Splinter in Your Relationship. This chapter will help you to know where you stand in your relationship. Understanding it will create a strong footing and your relationship will last long.

Chapter 4 – Re-Igniting the Spark of Passion and Desire. Before you even got together with your partner, there was his burning desire to be with them. This chapter talks about that passion and desire. It guides you on what to start doing for it to slowly return.

Chapter 5 – How Other People Can Bring You Back Together. In this chapter, TW Jackson stresses the importance of dating other people. When you stop communicating with your ex and start dating other people, your ex will start to wonder why. This is a trick that has been proven to work. This chapter discusses how to go about dating other people.

The Core

Chapter 6 – Easing Back on Your Relationship. This chapter discusses the way to put your relationship back together the right way. This chapter is the core of this whole core and all the information you have learned in this course will be put in to action in this chapter. There are several techniques discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 7 – Maintaining the Fun and Love. This is the chapter that discusses how to stop your ex from leaving you again. Remember it s so easy to go back to your old ways but TW Jackson warns against it in this chapter. He teaches how to keep relationships fresh in this chapter. Also, in this chapter, you will learn how to prevent old issues from reappearing and ruining your relationship again.

Chapter 8 – When Your Relationship Can’t be Saved. As mentioned again not one relationship is the same as the other. Some relationships are unsalvageable. In this chapter, you will learn whether yours can work out or not. It is very important to know to avoid wasting your energy and time to a relationship that will never work.

TW Jackson stresses the importance of space in when trying to get your ex back. Do not try to get back or reconcile with your ex immediately after breakup. He uses the term Premature Reconciliation         and says that it will never work. You need to give your ex time to cool down.

Is There Any Guarantee with The Magic of Making Up?

No guarantee when it comes to matters of love. However, you can depend on this course just like over 50,000 people around the world have. TW Jackson offers 60-day money back guarantee just in case the course did not work out for you.

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