5 Steps to Forgiving Your Cheating Husband

The ability to learn forgiveness in regards to a cheating husband could quite possibly be one of the toughest skills you will tackle. If you have to go through such process, there are some steps that can potentially make it a bit easier for you. Eventually, you will hopefully be able to forgive your husband as well as yourself.

Make Your Heart Willing

It may not be necessary for you to know and understand the mechanics that lead your heart to force, but it is important that your heart will be willing to forgive when you would like to forgive a cheating spouse. If you are ready and willing to accept love and forgiveness into your heart, you are going to have half of the battle already won. It is simply a matter of moving past the initial stages so that the rest of the process can take place.

Start Off Small

Try not to go with the mindset that everything has to be done all at once. This is not an all or nothing type of situation. Start off small with lighter acts of forgiveness and then work your way to forgiving the cheating. There are more than likely several things along the way that your husband may have done to drive you nuts, and you could already have a grudge. Practicing forgiveness by forgiving these smaller things and then letting them go.

It Is Not As Black and White as Right and Wrong

Any relationship has a lot to do with the idea of give and take, love, and a good amount of compromise. If you are always thinking you are right and your husband is always wrong, there can be problems before you even get started on the road to forgiveness. You can see the disagreements that you have as a way to express another point of view instead of simply wrong or right.

Forgiving Yourself

You need to take a look in the mirror, as you could be hanging on to a great deal of self-loathing, self-doubt, blame and a lack of self-respect. It will be common after a spouse cheats for a person to feel this way. The blame that takes place will hold no prisoners and the problem will usually end up being that you end up being your own worst critic and judge yourself far more harshly than your husband would.

Let Go of the Anger

You never have to accept the idea that your husband cheated, and you don’t have to excuse it. However, if you want to move forward in your relationship, you need to be able to forgive him for this act. It will not mean that you condone the act or approve, or that it is something that you will tolerate in the future, but you need to agree to never use it as ammunition moving forward should you fight.

This is the time to let go of grudges and any arguments or hurt feelings. You need to be able to focus your efforts on how you and your husband can get back to where you once were.

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