Dating Tips for Girls  – The Three Tips That’ll Help You The Most

Let’s talk about a few dating tips for girls. A lot of people think getting dates is about their looks or how much money they have – that simply isn’t true. If you haven’t been getting as many dates as you’d like, you’re definitely doing something wrong. There are many women out there you can choose from, and if your live life is not as good as it ought to be, you need to work on your technique. Picking up girls is a skill that a guy can take years to master, especially if they don’t get some help along the way. Here are three great tips which will help you get better at the game.

1. Don’t Be A Loser

The first tip for dating girls I’ll give you is that you cannot be a desperate loser. Women hate this sort of guy! You need to get yourself some social value. That’s mean you should have places to go, people to see, friends. Guys that have social value don’t spend their weekend nights alone at home, unless they feel like they need some quiet “me time”.

Girls want to date guys that have an equal social standing to them, so you need to improve yours if you want to date attractive women. Don’t have many friends? Go out and make yourself some – it’ll help.

2. Bad Boys Are Hot

It’s a fact – women love bad boys. They like the way bad boys make them feel. Sexy and mysterious, bad boys keep a woman guessing, so they never know what’s going to happen next when dating one.

Women love magic, mystery and romance in their lives, and more often than not, a bad boy will believe exactly that If you haven’t had much success with the Mr Nice Guy approach, perhaps it’s time to embrace the bad boy in you.

Be a little unpredictable, try to keep women guessing, and stand up for yourself. This is among the best dating girls tips you can get.

3. Get Good At Flirting

Now, you need to excel at flirting. Girls love to flirt with a guy, especially if they know what they’re doing, so make sure you do.

Flirting leads to a lot of things – first kisses, first dates, and even the first time in the bedroom. If you don’t work on mastering flirting, you’re handicapping yourself when interacting to girls.

Practice makes perfect, so it’s all about practicing the moves until you’re an expert. When talking to a girl, enter her space a bit, without fear. Don’t get close enough to feel hear breath on you, but close enough that you can, say, touch her arm easily. When the conversation goes well, touch her on her arm, shoulder or hand. You might get more comfortable first touching her hand bag or a piece of jewelry she’s wearing.

If she touches you back, touch her again in a while, in a flirty way. See what she does. If she appears into you, mirror her body language a bit. If it seems it’s going well, just go and ask her out!

By following the dating  tips for girls above, you’ll definitely improve your technique. If you want to get good at picking up women, you can’t let anything stand in your way. Practice makes perfect, so get out there and begin practice now!

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