Dating Tips For Ladies – Attracting Good Men

Here are some dating tips for ladies for attracting that special man. If you want the attention of a good man, you’ll need to know what they look for, adapting and judging yourself to these standards. A good men is transparent, has high moral values, good character and plenty of honesty. If you have these values yourself, you’ll likely be able to attract a good man without that much effort.

If you want to attract good men into your life, you’ll need to be a genuine person. That means you need to know who you are, and don’t act like someone else. It’s also important that you’re honesty – and it can be very difficult some people not to lie. Being dishonest is disregarding both yourself and the man. Good men will appreciate women who behave themselves at all times, and are likely to want to be with women like that.

So many women try and pretend to be someone or something they’re not. They often have low self-esteem and don’t really like being themselves; they unconsciously don’t accept themselves. Putting on an act makes them fake, empty, unworthy and dishonest people. In fact this puts off good men, and oftentimes any men, really.

To be honest with yourself, you must not hold back your feelings, and you must not lie. If you like a man and someone asks you, don’t say you don’t like him. People can sense when others are being dishonest, even if they don’t notice it. Speak up about your opinions and feelings about all matters – tell others what you like and dislike. Remember: If you can’t be honest with yourself, you’ll never be honest with others. Examine yourself, and try to make your inner self and your outer self into one. This is what means to be transparent and genuine, so work as much as you can on doing that.

Like women, men want to love another, but nobody can love a person who closes themselves. So make no excuses and become a more genuine and honest person: open up, share your joy, your feelings, your fears and tears, and everything that’s true within you. This is bound to make a good man fall in love with you.

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