Dating Tips For Women – How To Get That Special Guy

Hi ladies, listen closely for the best dating tips for women. Do you ever feel that you simply don’t understand what men really expect from a date? If so, I am here to give you are best dating tips to help you better understand this issue.

How Do You Get The Special Man?

Tip No. 1

You need to realize that men are a lot more emotional than what is commonly believed. Of course most men are not going to cry while they are watching a romantic movie. Nonetheless, their passions do run deep. Whenever a man gets excited about the latest car or football, that emotion is real. It can be compared with when you are crying over a sad movie. Just realize that if you treat his feelings like they are “stupid” or “silly,” it will offend him just as much if he treated your tears from the sad movie the same way. After all, passion is passion, despite the fact that usually men won’t admit how emotional we are.

Tip No.2

Second of all, realize that ladies need to explain things and talk to us. That is actually one of the best dating tips for women. When it seems as though we are oblivious, or we say we honestly don’t know what is wrong, it really is true that we don’t know or notice. We aren’t heartless and callous monsters, we simply don’t know what you want or what is wrong, and we don’t unless you you actually tell us.

Tip No. 3

The third thing is, in general men don’t like having to answer “trick” questions and be put on the spot. What might appear to be a simple yet nuanced question to you, to us might seem very confusing and like the Spanish Inquisition! That doesn’t mean we don’t understand shades of gray.¬†However men frequently have a hard time answering “girly” and “vague” questions. That is often due to the fact that we really don’t understand what you are asking us (see my previous tip.)

Tip No. 4

My final tip is to try not to nitpick about things that might irritate you about your man. Men have a tendency to refer to that as “nagging,” even if you might think of it as “feedback” and “honesty”. If you are that bothered by your date, just stop dating him! There are not many things that will put a man off as much as the impression that the woman he is dating is attempting to change him. Getting some feedback once in a while is fine, but don’t try to “fix” us.

For most men those kind of things are very obvious, even if we aren’t very good at expressing them clearly. Both sexes putting in a bit of extra effort to understand one another can definitely go a very long way. Keep these best dating tips for women in mind. You will find that you make a much better impression on the guys you are dating.

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