Should You Get Back With Your Ex Even If They Cheated?

Is it worth it to get back with your ex even if they cheated? Getting back together with an ex that cheated on you might seem like a crazy idea.  However, you might find that your life has lost its spark without them in your life and it would make sense to get back together with them.  There is nothing logical about love and everything makes sense when things are going well in a relationship.  It is essential to ensure that everything goes well in the future and that your ex does not have the inclination or opportunity to cheat on you again.

Remember The Root Cause Of Your Previous Problems

While you will want to start over with your ex, it is important to use the knowledge of your past relationship to prevent problems now. You will know what the enemies of your relationship are before getting started.  You should use this knowledge to ensure that the same problems do not arise in the new relationship.

Of course, you should leave what is in the past in the past and not bring up old arguments all the time.  This does not mean that you should forget everything about your past relationship.  Using this knowledge can make the relationship work this time around.

Have A Plan Of Action

He who fails to plan is planning to fail is a saying which is commonly attributed to Churchill.  While he was saying this in reference to war, it holds true for relationships as well.  You need to have a plan before you start.  While you should not go into the relationship planning marriage, you should have something that you are planning.  It is important to have goals that you can work toward.

Setting and meeting goals will give you and your partner something to look forward to and celebrate together.  It is important that you work on things together and discuss the goals of your relationship.  Creating a plan of action with your partner will help you both actively participate in the success of the relationship and have a say in its direction.  There are 2 people in your relationship and they both need to be active participants to make the relationship work.

Creating a plan of action will also help your partner not cheat again.  It is easier to cheat when the relationship is in limbo than when you have plans for the future. In most cases people in a relationship dream of a good future.  Including your partner in the creation of your plan of action will make them more invested.  They will be focused on working toward the goals they have help set.  This makes cheating a bigger risk as there is more to lose and it will make your partner less likely to stray.

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