How to Get an Ignoring Ex Girlfriend Back In 3 Simple Steps

So you had a girlfriend that was crazy about you, calling you and texting you all the time. You were always together. Now however, it seems like you’re both a million miles apart. It may seem like it’s out of left field, but this sort of thing does happen. Someone that was once all over you might suddenly seem distant, cold, and even mean spirited. A lot of the time, guys are left wondering what went wrong without even the slightest clue.

One silver lining here is that you’re far from alone. That sort of post-breakup attitude is among the most common. Many people feel that they must push away their ex as soon as possible rather than allowing them to linger closely by. Of course, that doesn’t leave much chance of getting back together. If you’re being kept at a distance, how are you ever going to reconcile? You’re going to have to pull off quite a feat of emotional reconnecting if you’re going to turn things around.

If your ex-girlfriend is actually ignoring you outright, there are at least a few things you can try. More importantly however, there are a lot of common mistakes made that you need to avoid immediately. Here’s what you should stop doing immediately if you want to get your ex girlfriend back:

  • Stop chasing after her.
  • Cease calling her and trying to keep tabs.
  • Refrain from texting, e-mailing, and interacting with her social media profiles.
  • Desist from asking your mutual friends about her.
  • Abstain from trying to arrange run-ins with her.
  • Never, ever leave any desperate messages or write any long letters.

If you do any of the above, you’re going to ruin your chances with her outright. You’ll only make yourself look weak and needy in the process. She’ll grow a level of resentment that will be difficult and likely impossible to fix somewhere down the line. Despite this, all of the mistakes above are incredibly common, default behaviors for many guys.

It’s going to take a lot of resolve to give your ex so much space and act as if you’re not fazed by the sudden change in your relationship. She’ll more than likely be so thrown off by this that she may naturally find herself drawn back to you again. At the very least, you’ll have her respect – as well as self-respect – and you’ll always be able to hold onto that fact.

With that said, here are some of the steps you actually should be taking if you want your ex girlfriend back in your arms again.:

Walk Away and Forge Your Own Path

Nothing is less attractive than someone that’s clingy. Women are attracted to guys that are cool, collected, and self-assured. You have to have your own thing going on. Despite what it might seem like, fawning over someone and being endlessly servile will only leave them wanting to turn the other way – for good.

So, focus on improving yourself and going your own way. Be sure to do it discreetly enough that it doesn’t seem like an obvious ploy for her to notice, however. It may seem as if you’re giving up on her, but you’re really just establishing a better life for yourself. Your ex will likely be more intrigued in you again when she sees that you’ve used the time apart to get yourself together. If she sees that your life will go on without her, she’s going to be more compelled to try remaining a part of it. You might even become the one being chased after!

Make the Break-Up A Mutual Decision

In the moment, it often seems that begging and pleading when your girlfriend brings up the idea of breaking up is the way to go. You were probably compelled to prove how much she means to you. That’s actually never going to work. You need to show your feelings; telling them seldom does anything of worth when it comes to relationships.

Now that she’s ended it however, you have to essentially dump her in return. Just imagine yourself doing so, even if you begged in the actual moment. Actually dumping her as well in your head can help you move on for now. The version of yourself that might have agreed with her and simply walked away to is a much stronger person, so go ahead and embody that fully.

Even if the breakup is long done with, this is a powerful way of dealing with it in your mind. Like many will tell you, sometimes you just have to let go. It may seem strange, but this is one of the most effective means of doing so. Of course, if the break-up hasn’t actually happened yet but you know that talk is coming, you can win huge respect points by handling it maturely like this for real.

Remove Yourself From Your Ex girlfriend’s Life Entirely

Finally, you want to avoid lingering in your ex’s life after you’ve broken up. If she’s unsure of her feelings, she may pull the “we can be friends” tactic. The unfortunate reality is that almost never works out. The relationship just becomes more complicated, and things will rarely ever get back to the way they were. New problems will inevitably rear their head, making reconciliation improbable at best.

Again, you don’t want to be servile. Stop doing favors or being there for your ex girlfriendĀ in any way if she’s broken up with you. You have to cut ties and make it clear that you are your own person, and that she’s not going to be able to have it both ways. She’s either going to be with you or not. It may seem mean spirited to act as the colder of the two of you, but it’s the only way you’ll ever pique her interest ever again.

Often times, women hope to let go of their ex boyfriends gradually. If she loses you altogether, the finality of the situation is likely something she wasn’t ready for. She’ll know in an instant if she’s made a mistake, and then fight to fix everything if so. That’s more than likely one of the only ways you’re ever actually going to get back together. As unfair as it may seem, the guy being the one to chase after the girl just doesn’t pan out.

So if you want to get that special someone that slipped through your fingertips back, you should follow the advice above to the letter. Just worry about yourself and accept that she’s going to come back to you if it’s right. In the meantime, there are plenty of other things you likely have to see to in place of hoping against hope that someone will magically fall back in love with you as you show them how needy and clingy you are. Good luck!

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