A Guide to Getting Back With Your Ex-Boyfriend: The Top Four Ways to Forgive and Forget

If he has hurt you and caused you sleepless nights, is the option of getting back with your ex-boyfriend really a viable choice?  Deep down in the pit of your stomach, the idea of a second chance with a hurtful man is not something a smart woman would consider; however, people do stupid things when they are in love.  Are you ready to embrace love and welcome him back by forgiving their mistakes?  This article will provide information on how to forgive and forget effectively.

Allow Your Ex-Boyfriend to Explain

The first step to effectively forgetting and forgiving is to allow the man to explain his behavior.  By explaining himself, he will be able to justify his actions after they have occurred.  Regaining a relationship with your ex-boyfriend requires engagement and opening lines of communication.  Talking things through and listening to each other are two of the most beneficial methods of engaging.

When speaking to your ex-boyfriend, it is important to try to figure out what led to the current situation.  Be sure to keep an open mind and have an understanding approach without giving into the idea of never forgiving him for mistakes.  If that is the case, then there is no use speaking to your ex-boyfriend in the first place and forgiveness is impossible.

Considering the Benefits of Forgiveness

It takes a great deal of strength to forgive a person. But the relief you experience immediately afterward is worth the effort.  Holding a grudge may seem worthwhile, but it does not feel good and you will not feel at peace with yourself during this time.  Holding a feeling of hatred toward another person will not be pleasant and can cause you to feel depressed.

Forgiveness is a positive act and presents a sense of kind-heartedness; however, forgiveness does require inner strength.  If the ex-boyfriend asks for your forgiveness, be ready to consider it. It is an indication that he is a decent individual. He has humbled himself and is taking responsibility for his mistakes.

Put Yourself in His Shoes

You cannot be aware of what the other individual is experiencing unless you have walked in their shoes.  This means that you may know what your ex-boyfriend has done, put until you place yourself in his position and view the damage caused you cannot appreciate the pain being felt.  It is him that needs to realize the error of his behavior and in his desire to redeem himself; he will feel a sense of humbleness and forgiveness.

Now it is time to step into his shoes and question whether you are the only individual who was hurt during the break-up.  Perhaps the break-up hurt him and mistakes were made by you in addition to him.

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