A Healthy Relationship: 3 Important Ingredients You’ll Require

Once you’ve been in a relationship for a long period of time, it’s only natural to wonder if the love you two share will last for the rest of your life. Most relationships will require some work, however, other than this work, there are some key integral ingredients that you’ll require to have a complete relationship that reaches its full potential. So, what are the key ingredients to having a healthy¬†relationship of a lifetime?

Compatibility Is Key to a Healthy Relationship

This is perhaps the most important ingredient. You’ll have to be compatible and have a healthy relationship that is progressive and long term. To do this, you will have to share some interests. In addition to common interests, you’ll also have to think very similarly and have similar opinions on many topics. Everyone will differ slightly and this is only natural, however, serious discrepancies can signal that you’re not compatible. If you argue a lot you’ll hinder the relationship or end it. You’ll know if this is the direction it’s taking simply by how you feel and how you get along.


Before you have love, you have a friendship. This is what makes your relationship healthy. It’s likely the second most important ingredient in your relationship. Your partner should always be your best friend. You should know that no matter what, you can count on them to see you through and vice versa. You’ll have to be open and honest regarding your feelings and needs as well as desires. It takes commitment and trust. This goes above and beyond physical attraction and attention. Friendship will sustain you when you’re relationship feels off kilter. You’ll remember the good times and know that they’ll come again.


Even when you share all of the above and common interests, you’ll have to have some passion in the relationship. Passion won’t do it all on its own, you must have the friendship and the compatibility to go the long term. Physical and emotional needs are vital to a healthy relationship as well as necessary in a good relationship. You’ll be left feeling that you’re missing something if you don’t have all 3. You and your partner should be able to discuss this and keep things fun, interesting and exciting. If you don’t have this spark, you’re missing something that will lead you astray.

It’s vital to assess your relationship before it’s too late. Not all relationships are created equal. You’ll have to examine your true feelings and determine if you can make this work. It’s more than compatibility, friendship, and passion, it must have all three of these and you must anticipate the ups and downs that go with long term relationships if that is what you’re seeking.

Be sure that you stop and focus on what a healthy relationship is before you nix it. See if you’re compatible. See if you’re friends and if you have passion. Focus on how you feel with the other person. Then, hop on the ride and enjoy it for all it’s worth, it just may last the rest of your lives and it will be a wonderful experience for the both of you. If you have all three you’re doing great and you’ll go far in the relationship.

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