Your Wife Wants A Divorce: How To Play The Game Right And Avoid The Divorce

Does your wife wants a divorce and it just caught you by surprise? It is time to work on avoiding it. To be married and have it work, takes two. You must both be committed and invested in the relationship. Of course, when you first find out that your wife wants a divorce, you’re going to be confused and emotionally devastated, however, don’t let these emotions take over. There are still some things that can be done to save the marriage.

While this may sound counter-productive in the beginning, what you need to do is not allow your emotions to creep in. Don’t give any response such as tears, begging, yelling, crying etc. This is going to be a huge challenge, save all of this for a long shower when no one can hear you. She’s already stressed or she wouldn’t be asking for a divorce, so go easy on her. Let her know you understand where she’s coming from and her feelings.

Whats The First Step?

Go a step ahead of her and offer her a trial separation. Of course, you know she wants a divorce, but ask for a trial separation. Often, she’ll realize she’s made a huge mistake. The marriage can still be saved. You may be absolutely miserable, but perhaps all she needs is some space. In this space, she can begin to process why she wanted the divorce in the first place.

A trial separation will give her time to comprehend what her life will be like without you by her side. Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Even if you’re both committed and in love, there are days where you will feel distant from one another. You may feel divorced in those times. However, there are many steps that can be done to save a divorce. Invest in the relationship.

Love isn’t just being there for the good times, it’s being there for the bad times too. It’s understanding that you’ll be close at times and more distant at times. That’s how marriage is. This is how you can work to improve the relationship and make it better and more satisfying. Good relationships ebb and flow naturally and by learning this key you can often avoid a divorce and work through all of your issues. Give her some space and a trial separation and then revisit the topic.

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